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All Guilds Meeting - February 2016

Ritratto di Doobes

Editor's Note: We have replaced the raw chatlog with a more complete version courtesy of Tai'lahr.

2016 continues, and the All Guilds Meeting for February had its share of big news and events!  Along with the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs, we have this handy summary of what happened.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas starting things off by mentioning the latest version of Korman (0.03) has been released.  He promised that version 0.04 would not be far behind.  He also hinted at a "Rapid Korman Kontest", similar to the Rapid Age Development contests from years ago, in the near future.

Not only that, but the Guild also released version 24 of Gehn Shard, just in time for the Great Zero "Hacktivation" party that took place after the meeting!

All Guilds Network

Korov'ev made an announcement for Zeke365 about the All Guilds Network.  Its intended function would be to add another layer of intercommunication between explorers and the existing Guilds.  More on this as it develops!


Caretaker stopped in to update everyone on the status of the DniGuildHall.org site, a place where various Guilds and groups could host their own websites in a centralized location.  As Caretaker has not been able to give the site its proper attention, the site is being offered to anyone who would like to take over hosting duties.  Any interested parties should e-mail Caretaker.

D'ni Language Lessions/Story Night

Shokhootahn Rehn, aka rTayrtahn, made a triumphant return after some computer troubles to talk about the upcoming round of D'ni language lessons, which begin April 1st at 22:00 KI time.  Check the link for a full schedule.

He also reminded everyone about Story Night, which is every Saturday at 23:00 KI time.  Note that this is done over voice chat, so be sure that is enabled at that time!

Guild of Messengers

Nev'yn was last to take the stage to update everyone with GoMe news.  He mentioned the recent changing of the guard, with Lyrositor stepping down as Guild Master and being replaced by Korov'ev (Doobes remains the other Guild Master).

He also said that the Guild needs volunteers to record messages of greeting in different languages, which will be included in a future update of the new GoMe Pub's Link in room.  So if you'd like to hear your voice immortalized in an Age, e-mail Nev.

Lastly, he announced the New Explorer Info Sessions, a primer for new explorers to the cavern based on actual Restoration Engineer material supplied by Cyan.  It had been delayed due to technical difficulties and real life obligations, but the first event will be on February 20th at 13:00 KI time.  Full details will be released very soon.

And that's all for this month!  The All Guilds Meeting will return on March 5th at 13:00 KI time!

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